Spin Fishing
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4 Hours

Spin Fishing

Fish capturable: Blue Runner, Black Jack, Giant Trevally, Dolphinfish

From €120.00 / Participant

Fishing with baits, better known as SPINNING, is one of the most popular fishing technique. The name derives from the English "to spin", due to the rotating movement of the used bait.

This fishing technique is used to catch predatory fishes, which are attracted by the bait's movement ans by its colour. 

It's the most dynamic technique, because of the frequent throws in search of predators.

Defeats are not unusual, especially because our target are very shrewd fishes, like Carangidae, Bonities, Wahoos and Dolphinfishes.

You can fish with 3 meters lenght rods and with a 60 or 80 lb reel, as it's possible to catch also over 20 kg preys.

The used baits are Minnow, popper, skipping lures and walkin' the dog, and also some home-made 3-4 onces prototypes. It's better to do spinning at the dawn.

Fish capturable to Spinning

  • Blue Runner
  • Black Jack
  • Giant Trevally
  • Dolphinfish

Fishing Spot

  • North of the island
  • Burracona
  • Fiura


  • Rod: Shimano Nexave and Shimano Lesath Kaibutsu
  • Reel:Shimano Twin Power SW 10000 and Stella 10000


  • Williamson
  • Yo-zuri
  • Roberts lures
  • Surface popper

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