Rock fishing
  • Included
  • Equipment
    All the necessary equipment
  • Shuttle
    Pickup and Drop-off
  • Professional Training
    Offered in multiple languages

4 Hours

Rock Fishing

Fish capturable: Big Shark, Jack, Amberjack, Grouper etc.

From €130.00 / Participant

Rock Fishing is a daily technique, as it's not safe to go on doing it after the sunset. It's done on a sheer position, where the oceanbed is rocky and over 40 m deep. Fishing with baloon is used to chase big sharks, dolphinfishes or GT and Cableway Fishing is used to fish in depth sharks, big moray eels and groupers.

Rock Fishing's target is to chase big preys, and, that's not a joke, big sharks have been hooked and kept with the rod for a long time, till we could bring them near us, as it was impossible to raise them to take the usual picture with them.

We use 3,96 m rods and 50 lb reels, lines are made in nylon 0,60, held down lenghtening with a steel terminal.

Fish capturable to Spinning

  • Big Shark
  • Jack
  • Amberjack
  • Grouper
  • etc.

Fishing Spot

  • North of the island
  • Burracona
  • Fiura


  • Rod: Shimano Best Master 130M
  • Reel:Torium 50lb


  • Teleferic
  • With live or dead bait

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