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An incentive is a generous way to show your gratitude and a smart investment for successful further operations. The receiver will automatically link the memories of the incentive to the giver. The better the incentive, the better the memories, the better the future cooperation.

No Limits Adventure has a team specialized in organizing incentive of any kind: Business Trips, Rewards Trips, Conference Services & Seminars, Team Building and much much more!
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Buggy and Quad Tours

Get off the beaten tracks and discover Sal’s highlights and hidden treasures on different off-road adventures by buggy, quad, or a combination of both! The powerful 4×4 vehicles offer an adrenaline filled experience to explore Sal in ways that aren’t possible otherwise.

Get adrenaline pumping.


Catamaran Tour

Enjoy a different view of the island’s rocky shores on a relaxing trip down the Northwestern coast of Sal. Relish on the sunlit deck of our comfortable catamaran while moving along with the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

Get relaxed.


Shark and Volcano Tours

On the Northeast side of the island, in the bay of Rifa de Parda (better known as Shark Bay), we'll guide you through waist-high waters to admire closes-up views of lemon sharks in their natural environment year-round. After visiting the sharks, we'll visit Pedra de Lume to get a glimpse of the extinct volcano that houses the salt lakes, formerly the island’s most important industry.

Get your feet wet.


Island Tours

Experience the magic of the blue eye, floating in the salty lakes of Pedra de Lume, and paddling with the lemon sharks in their natural environment, and much more! Whether you prefer adventurous and adrenaline filled or rather clean and comfortable, we offer a wide variety of island tours custom-suited specifically for your group.

Be amazed.


Turtle Tour

From July until October, Cape Verde is home to the 3rd largest population of Loggerhead turtles that come to nest on the beaches of the archipelago. The opportunity to see the female turtles dig nests and lay their eggs on the beach of Serra Negra is an unforgettable experience.

Experience the wildife.


Hiking and Trekking

Get in touch with nature on a hike that goes up and around the hill of Sal's natural reserve. From the white sandy beaches to the black canyons, you will experience breathtaking panoramic views over Serra Negra and the Atlantic Ocean.

Be one with nature.


Royal Dinner

Good food makes great memories. Give your group incentive a kick-start with a memorable dinner in one of the luxurious seafront restaurants with stunning views on the bay of Santa Maria or any number of perfect venues treat your group with an elegant last supper. We'll put the cherry on top of your incentive cake!

Treat yourself.


Night Party

No words are needed to understand the international language of rhythm! Celebrate your incentive with a bespoke party in one of the many venues in Santa Maria, where local vibes meet international flair. With a wide range of live performers to choose from, your party is guaranteed enjoy an unforgettable night.

Let loose.

A Look Inside Our Excursions

Buggy Island Adventure

Buggy Desert Adventure

Catamaran Sodade

Quad Island Adventure

Quad Desert Adventure

Shark Tour

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