Giving Back to Our Community

Helping our island through conservation, education and sustainability.

Cape Verde needs our support.

Cape Verde's wildlife is dying every year due to pollution, poaching, and bycatch.  Our native Loggerhead population is one of the most threatened populations of sea turtles in the world, making our involvement critical to the future of the species.

How are we helping?

Project Biodiversity

No Limits Adventure is a proud sponsor of Project Biodiversity, an organization dedicated to protecting threatened wildlife and the environment of Cape Verde. Through the last four turtle seasons, No Limits has donated more than €12,000 to the project.

Beach Cleanup

On our beach excursions, we ask everyone to help us do our part in cleaning our beaches littered with harmful plastic ocean debris.

No Limits Adventure is a proud sponsor of:

Project Biodiversity

Project Biodiversity focuses on the protection and the study of wildlife populations through both direct protection and ecological study.

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